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Passu village on the Karakoram Highway, beside the Hunza River, some 15 kilometers from Gulmit, the Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal in the territory of Hunza/Nagar District of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, and about 150 km upriver from Gilgit. It lies very near the tongue of the Passu Glacier, and just south of the tongue of the Batura glacier. The latter is the fifth longest non-polar glacier in the world at 56 km, (Citation needed) and reaches very near to the highway. The people are Wakhi and speak the Wakhi Language. Religiously they are Ismaili Muslim, the total population of Passu village is 1050 with 115 Households. The Major earning of Passu village from Tourism, Agriculture, especially fruit (Apple, Apricot and Cherry) are very popular in Hunza region.

Passu Village PO Gulmit Village Passu District Hunza/Nagar Gilgit/Baltistan Region Pakistan

Passu Village has a unique Historical background three major custom of peoples are settled that is called in local language "Skoin" or "Kuch" one family member are Quli Kutor (Magh Kutor, Sakhi Kutor and DinAli Kutor), Alvi Kutor and Quba Kutor. Passu has a vast historical places and beautiful places but the major popularity of this village is Rock Carving which is correlated with Budha civilization 2000 BC, were found in Yeshvendan "Taqla Ghar", Yunz valley near Passu Glacier and Khuramabad. According to the local history there was a Sham-Shan Ghat of Hinduism who burned the human body at Tipeskin at Khuramabad Passu, but it needs more research work to identify the truth.
The famous natural beauty of Passu is Tupopdan Peak, 6,106 metres (20,033 ft), also known as "Passu Cones" or "Passu Cathedral", "Victory Peak" (because of its V Shape)  lies to the north of the village; it is the most photographed peak of the region, Also nearby are the high peaks of Pasu Sar, Shispare Sar, and Batura 1,2 and 3 . 

Peri Ghoz Peak               2013

Janabad Passu in 1980

 Passu Shisper Peak          7,611 M

Passu Village

Gul Batur Passu

Passu Pere Gohz.

Passu Village 

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